A new(ish) start

I posted before about starting Procella. However, even as we started talking to prospective customers, Akamai was still my part time job… providing a safety net, great opportunities, but also an excuse to not push Procella to where it should be.

After just a month shy of 22 years, that is no longer the case. Today is my last day at my comfortable place. Akamai has been great to my career and my personal life. Too many friends to count. Too many opportunities given and taken to list. This day has been coming for the last 3 years but I’m still processing it.

Thank you to everyone, past and current at Akamai for supporting me. Thank you to all the vendors and customers for the challenges that we overcame. And the biggest thank you of all to my wonderful, amazing, supportive wife Melissa.

If you need a security assessment, Zero Trust roadmap assistance or anything related - find me at Procella!