A brief rest on a busy Sunday #mbfeb

This field trip back in October is one of the reasons I wanted to tip the work life balance back towards family #mbfeb

This coffee provided some warmth this cold cold morning. So did my breakfast buddies #mbfeb

Can’t wait for this dough to rise and bake. I might be (re)addicted to fresh baked bread #mbfeb

I have a permanent attachment to this little guy. I don’t remember how or when I got him but he was with me at every exam in school and university (and my driving test) and on every desk or office I called my own. My life long good luck charm. #mbfeb

Broke out the old bread machine for the first time in forever. Forgot to take a pic of the final product so this is what remains of the plain bread #mbfeb

This sign has bridged the gap for my son between “fall ball” and “spring training”. He jumps on every chance he can to be here. #mbfeb

Took advantage of the lull in activities today to clean. I still love our counter top #mbfeb

Birthday parties, Scout Blue & Gold and a Swim meets… such a contrast to pre-kid Saturdays. But I’m very happy with how it ended up :) #mbfeb

Swimmer at a meet

So proud of my Weblos scout and his den. They took the “recruitment video” challenge and with their Arrow of Light friends and siblings made this a reality #wickedawesomescouts

Norton Girl Scouts are selling at Main St pizza today. It’s like manna from above (unlike the tree branches taking out power and mail trucks) #mbfeb

While my eldest is at swim team practice, I’m going to plant myself in this dark, cozy, quiet room. This could also apply to previous #mbfeb prompts (hide and reflect come to mind)

Wheaton MA college on lockdown due to an individual with an axe. Hoping for everyone’s safety.

I never noticed the “pin to home” control hiding in Marvel Unlimited’s reading lists. I think this will help me reading series as I’ve been doing it the hard way (trying to remember what series I’m reading and manually looking for “new” issues) #mbfeb

Had a lot of fun watching our scouts record a recruitment “ad spot” last night.

Is she reflecting on the day ahead of her? #mbfeb

sharing my insights on how to move an enterprise to a zerotrust access model. #mbfeb

It’s the open of the 2020 six nations 🏉. Looking forward to an exciting tournament. Cymru Am Byth!

I’ve been slowly watching MCU movies with 2 of my kids. Tonight is Infinity War. It’ll be interesting to see how they take it - but at least they won’t have as long to wait for End Game as I did!

Last year I started a journey to find a better work/life balance that I will write more about. In just over 6 months previously impossible opportunities have become reality. Volunteering at a fun run, chaperoning a field trip, joining Alex’s Cub Scout journey as den leader… and today being able to just sit and watch Abby’s glow run. Today I am grateful for the support from my wife and those at my employer who made this possible.

Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield Crossing.

Abby’s 3rd swim 🏊‍♀️ meet. First one I’m helping out with a minor task.

Separate out the routing and wireless components so you can upgrade/replace individually. I’m a fan of the Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro access points and security gateways personally. https://twitter.com/patrickrhone/status/1205195301826551808

  1. Because how can engineers build IPv6 support into our products if they can’t use it?
  2. Because it was FUN!
  3. Because it’s better to be trained and ready than scrambling when it’s too late 🤔


I love it. Exactly right. And if your enterprise network has had IPv6 for a while, remember it might have been deployed by someone learning - so there’s opportunity to improve a situation - but only if you learn now twitter.com/joenevill…