I spy a #wickedawesomescout in that group. Pack 27 representing!

Congrats Alex! A crazy year, but a good school one so far! #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay

The LA Times agrees with me that early Christmas decorations are πŸ’―πŸ‘Œthis year.

I know her! #proudparent

I know it’s only November, but holiday decorations bring me joy and if it lifts the dreary cloud for one other person it’s worth it :)

Alex is selling popcorn for his cub scout pack. Yummy stuff with free delivery for online orders cough cough

I thought UPS avoided left turns and optimized routes. “Follow my package” is infuriating when you see the driver returning to a street 5 blocks farther away and the only way they could have gotten there is multiple left turns.

I guess the car ride for the school run is pretty tiring….

TIL not all calls from the principal are bad news πŸ˜‚ #HAYNation

It’s amazing what you can get through Amazon these days. #tasteofhome

Picked up my 1st grader’s school iPad today for back to school in a couple of weeks. It’s weird year for sure, but I’m grateful that a. Our school district is providing 1:1 tech b. The instructions include “changing your password” which I believe is new this year :/ #littleschoolbigheart

20 percent of organizations experienced breach due to remote worker, Labs report reveals - Malwarebytes Labs

Time to look into a zero trust network access solution that is user friendly. I have some ideas having been through the move :)

Seeing more and more 🐰 on my neighborhood 🐢 walk. They’re getting used to us too. Not at all fazed by a puppy straining at the leash to go “play”.

I can’t stop smiling at this something had to be done

Why would a public health authority not enable this? Free and easy exposure tracking from millions of devices.

Daily Journal in Agenda and iOS14

I’ve been using Scotty J’s Daily Agenda Journal shortcut for a while but it’s been broken in iOS14 for me. I finally took a look at why and it seems that shortcuts “repeat with each item” action now fails with a WFActionError if the item list is empty. So there’s a simple fix - just wrap the repeat in a “if contains any values” block.

I don’t think this quite counts as silhouette but it’s close enough for me. 2017 back when we could travel. #mbaug

My “office” today. Toes among the sand. #mbaug

TIL: you’re supposed to replace the central vac filter annually. I’m only 12.5 years behind schedule #mbaug

A couple of days ago we took the sound outside. An impromptu piano concert from the kids. #mbaug

I do not miss taking the train as transport to the office. #mbaug

Way back in the before times (early March 2020) we did a tour of An Unlikely Story bookshop. We were lucky enough to meet Jeff Kinney himself (he’s working behind the window in the group picture). This was a Tuesday. Little did we know that the kids last day in school was to be that Friday. #mbaug

Today’s #mbaug πŸ“· prompt is black-and-white. What else could I have used? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ 🐢 πŸ’•

The view from a house we used to rent in NH before it was removed from the market. This was 2012 and the first panoramic picture I took with the iOS 6 beta IIRC

In-laws are daytripping to visit us so I’m on grill duty. #mbaug