@adamprocter ooohhh pukka pies. Yum!

@vincent woohoo! Congrats

@matthewlang thanks. I saw that. But many of my subscriptions are tied to my username and I don't want tie my identity to feedbin (or send billing emails there)

@matthewlang I pulled the trigger and moved to feedbin. So far so good. How do you get the newsletters into feedbin? Resubscribe, serverside filters, manual forward?

@bix I'm not going to watch the fox pilot then :) I'm also delaying watching the netflix show because most of my tv time is after the kids go to bed, and the comics gave me some interesting dreams that I don't particularly want to revisit. I am drawn to the show though...

@matthewlang yeah, I've been using 3rd parties (reeder, fiery feeds and feed hawk) with FeedWrangler but NNW supports NewsBin which is another penny on the scale I guess.

@matthewlang I've been a FeedWrangler user since day one, but feedbin is looking more and more tempting...

@vincent noooooo! Hopefully an appeal will succeed this time?

@vincent hoping for the best result!

@dominikhoecht very true :)

@vincent thank you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

@vincent thanks! Icro seems to be able to fill in at least 60 posts. Might not be everything but I feel less like I'm missing a lot :)

@vincent every time I open gluon it jumps to the top of my timeline. Is there a way to remember where I was? Also is there a way to fill in the timeline? The jump from n hours to y days is jarring :) I love the design and the touches like the events you're adding.


@johnbrayton I think it depends. I certainly argued with Cisco to give the option for Teams. Safari is useful for multi window multi tasking on iPad without the website covering the chat context and there were also issues with the SFSafariViewController not following deep links to apps which is annoying when you're chatting in teams sending links back and forth for google docs.

@macgenie oh no! I hadn't heard

@macgenie why are you looking for a replacement, and have you found one yet? :)

@manton congrats!

@danielpunkass congratulations! I can't wait to try it.

@macgenie I wanted a cube so bad. Could never justify it to myself though.

@jeffmueller our high school (therefore town) color is purple. Can't avoid it :)

@macgenie just make sure you take a communications device with you!

@manton that'd be awesome, thanks!

@manton I was thinking more about the theme and JavaScript authentication :)

@manton That's a perfect way to publish this. Will you make that method of publishing available to micro.blog hosted blogs?