@pratik yeah... I normally use cash for landscapers and odd jobs... because they don't cash them immediately :) The feds are pretty good about depositing checks promptly I've found though.

@pratik for some reason I "enjoy" writing checks for taxes (nothing else). And who knows what will happen between now and July to my savings account :/

@pratik my taxes were done early for the first time ever. I moved cash to pay the bill... and then the new deadlines were announced. Figured I'd get no interest holding cash and I'm very likely to forget about taxes in July, so filed and paid both state and federal.

@kaa when this happened to me the first time, my doctor recommended glycerin soap (Pear soap is one example). Made a huge difference.

@danielpunkass as are several of the Kendall square tech companies I believe...

@manton nice! That opens some possibilities :)

@manton thanks! Another small but great feature. If I'm understanding right, a post that isn't in the timeline would also not get cross posted? And could I have 2 "timeline" categories - one that feeds the timeline with cross posting and one that feeds the timeline without?

@Gabz Edge for mac replaced Chrome as my "second browser" to Safari. it works for everything i need it to, and for OWA better than any of the other Mac browsers.

@macgenie oh, i wonder if that's why i missed. i also used a screenshot on a different day.

And the exciting announcement is WB animation picked up the TV rights

we also met this amazing artist

@manton that sounds promising :)

@vincent Yep. So we also need @manton to support more posts in the backfill when he does the timeline position API, right? :)

@vincent I use and prefer gluon when I'm in and out of mb. But Icro seems able to backfill more when I've been away for a day. I would really love a client agnostic API so I can bounce between clients :)

@Burk like the bread machine it gets used a lot for a couple of weeks then months go by before I remember it again. I do like it, though I feel I could get more in a similarly sized deep fryer. But it's less of a pain to deal with than a derp fryer and more convenient when I remember it :)

@dgreene196 right? I feel like I'm always messing up by volume

@hollyhoneychurch it's so good :)

@adamprocter ooohhh pukka pies. Yum!

@vincent woohoo! Congrats

@matthewlang thanks. I saw that. But many of my subscriptions are tied to my username and I don't want tie my identity to feedbin (or send billing emails there)

@matthewlang I pulled the trigger and moved to feedbin. So far so good. How do you get the newsletters into feedbin? Resubscribe, serverside filters, manual forward?

@bix I'm not going to watch the fox pilot then :) I'm also delaying watching the netflix show because most of my tv time is after the kids go to bed, and the comics gave me some interesting dreams that I don't particularly want to revisit. I am drawn to the show though...

@matthewlang yeah, I've been using 3rd parties (reeder, fiery feeds and feed hawk) with FeedWrangler but NNW supports NewsBin which is another penny on the scale I guess.

@matthewlang I've been a FeedWrangler user since day one, but feedbin is looking more and more tempting...