@pratik I'm "making" my family watch it. I have strong memories of watching the old one with my family as a kid. So far so good!

@pratik it does feel good to have employers that have your back when it comes to immigration even if they have limits.

@pratik I didn't want to deal with that under the current administration so I punted the decision :)

@Burk downloading now!

@pratik I was lucky though in that my employer paid for everything. The H1-B, the lawyers, the green card fees... the only thing they didn't cover was my green card renewal (that's the next ball of stress inducing process to deal with, sorry!)

@pratik congratulations! I remember when I got my green card. That was a long slog coming from the UK (to the point that my H1B hit its post-renewal expiration) but not nearly as bad as for those from India and China. I only travelled twice on Advance Parole. The 2nd time got pulled into secondary screening at Logan airport. The conversation was short and sweet but it was a very long and somewhat scary wait to be able to talk to the immigration officer.

@jpayne 2 hours in. Most of the frame done and a couple of inner pieces. Not sharing a picture for fear of spoiling some interesting choices.

@Burk nice! Some big goals accomplished.

@brentsimmons if you only count adults that brings it down to 200 million or 300 million doses to hit 75% which seems... plausible for thanksgiving 2021?

@maique I always love the first snow of the year. And this year I was able to go enjoy it with the kids more than just shoveling/blowing the driveway. But having to deal with snow remaining around for many days means the beautiful white turns into brown/grey sludge and that's no fun at all.

@timh oh boy. So far it's been limited to t-shirts (mainly podcast ones so not the cheapest t-shirts I own) and my upgrade.fm hoodie.

@pratik I'm much happier with the lights that I replaced the switches on tbh.

@pratik I had one die recently. I replaced it but now HomeKit automations and scenes sometimes leave that one (of four) bulbs out (either on when everything else turns off or off when everything else turns on).

@artkavanagh haha. Sorry!

@Burk CCIE 5894 - lifetime emeritus reporting for duty. I still have several of my exam prep textbooks...

@vincent let's have a meeting to talk about the upcoming meeting and then schedule a meeting to talk about what happened at that meeting.

@colinwalker my employer recognized that people weren't taking time to self care even with "unlimited time off" because people were worried about having to catch up. So they dropped 3 extra company wide holidays on the calendar "wellness days". They started with 3 and kept adding them. Like today for example :)

@jack wow. I love the composition

@vincent ❤️

@macgenie thanks! I’ve been holding on to them for the right time :D

@Burk id move Rebecca to 5 and Nate and Coach up accordingly but otherwise the same

@colinwalker November 1st I took Halloween decorations down and started putting up Christmas ones. I need the light. Seems others in my town are also going early this year.

@macgenie I'm so sorry. I've been behind on the timeline so heard about it on @theweeklyreview - my heart ached hearing you talk about it.

@vincent it was a simple: <a rel="payment" href="(your Patreon link, or similar)"> Support this podcast</a> in the show notes.

I think it's gone from overcast now tho.

@Burk can't wait!