@Gabz that looks amazing

@Gabz what's the secret?

@Gabz I've been tinkering around with the Untappd API for feeding checkins into my blog. I should pull back the feature creep and just release it :)

@odd yeah. Fortunately not that big! It's tough... Trying to teach my kids not to freak out around flying insects then these big things arrived.

@odd I wouldn't mind one of those :)

@odd it's a lot bigger than the picture looks :) but maybe black bellied hornet?

@Gabz I had avoided all trailers somehow. I really kinda liked it. Loved the extra HB characters :)

@crossingthethreshold that's awesome! I haven't been in a grocery store for almost 2 months now... I think I last saw hobnobs in Shaw's.

@danj I worry about silos and I hope everyone adds indieauth (or SAML for enterprise) but having a company like Apple support removing credentials from hundreds of sites sure feels like it's a net positive. For everyone that doesn't reuse passwords, how many do?

@danielpunkass This. So much this.

@jeffmueller I'm holding out for as long as I can. My 9yo son got a head start a year ago so I won't be the hippy-est :)

@matthewlang wow! Difficult to imagine a star destroyer at that scale. Or the Death Star.

@crossingthethreshold and now I have the Peter Kay sketch going through my head. "I'll drink your brew!"

@vincent monster munch!

@crossingthethreshold and now I am too!

@jeffmueller they have indeed. I'm supposed to be visiting my parents this week (trip cancelled because... well you know). Their plates are holding on. Just faded :)

@jeffmueller that looks yummy. But I can't get past the nostalgia the plate brings. My parents have those plates but the pattern has long since washed off

@kaa I'm still working on my family. They're still in the laughing phase when I say ladybird

@kaa of all the British/American differences... "ladybug" has to be in my top 10.

@poetalegre thanks! Now I've got the bug... trying to think of more projects :)

@macgenie Thanks Jean 😀 I didn't dread opening my email for the last couple of days while I was collecting these clips 😂

@pratik yeah... I normally use cash for landscapers and odd jobs... because they don't cash them immediately :) The feds are pretty good about depositing checks promptly I've found though.

@pratik for some reason I "enjoy" writing checks for taxes (nothing else). And who knows what will happen between now and July to my savings account :/

@pratik my taxes were done early for the first time ever. I moved cash to pay the bill... and then the new deadlines were announced. Figured I'd get no interest holding cash and I'm very likely to forget about taxes in July, so filed and paid both state and federal.