@pimoore or a new Model M ? I have one (with a Mac layout) and it is GLORIOUS!

@thatguygriff congrats on a great launch!

@thatguygriff oh wow. I have someone to bug about this on micro.blog? 😂 I am super excited to start playing with this as soon as I have a couple of minutes... er hours!

@martinfeld 🥳👶

@AndyNicolaides I've been doing that for "local names" of parks around here. Oh... and reporting minor things like the middle school being miles off.

@adamprocter thanks for the brain worm. "Acrington Stanley? Who are they?"

@toddgrotenhuis thanks!

@canion you are so right on pickles that I can overlook the cucumber thing :)

@Burk I think that might be why @canion is my favourite hemispheric host :). Then again... he's wrong about cucumbers....

@jpayne Mac support would be awesome (even if only apple silicon)

@vincent all I can see is timeline sync 😂

@danielpunkass IT departments too. Unfortunately, I predict an increase in security incidents from companies that rushed to enable remote access following an outdated playbook.

@toddgrotenhuis I agree. It's good to see experiments like this to keep the action moving.

@mdrockwell got it. still interesting... thanks!

@mdrockwell wait. What? Saving YouTube videos to the tv app?

@help that would be awesome :) I'm hoping to update the front page periodically and remembering that it's in the design is going to be painful 😂

@help is there a way to have a custom home page pull from a page (that can be edited via marsedit for example) rather than be “hard coded” in the design?

@ohBananaJoe if you like MCU and you've seen at least end game and captain marvel, YES! I think the only comments disliking the show are from people who haven't watched any of the MCU movies...

@HemisphericViews late to the party but I really enjoyed this one :)

@jsonbecker a good lead into a dystopian novel... due to supply constraints, the only vaccines are available to detention centers. People are committing crimes in order to get the vaccine but the authorities are on to them. Now it's a cat and mouse game with ever escalating severities of crime necessary to be locked up.

@Gaby for me - I started with Instacast back in the day which died right around the time Overcast came out so I switched and never looked back. Honestly the UI doesn't bother me as I usually only listen to my priority playlist. Occasionally I just dive in to reorder a little but then im back out quick.

@Gaby "Then Overcast started feeling old, and stale, not much innovation or… Well, if it ain’t broke… But still, I feel like I am paying for a yearly subscription and not getting much out of it." - overcast is free, the annual subscription is more of a tip... it removes ads, allows upload but not much else? If you cancelled the subscription you could still use the app...

@pratik ah. Don't get hurt!

@pratik if you can just clear a little bit of the panels it'll allow some conversion to happen which will generate heat and that snow will be gone in now time. Unless of course your panels are off because the grid is off?