@crossingthethreshold congratulations

@odd ohh. I didn't register this year 😢

@Burk hmm?

@pimoore thank you

@odd thank you. She was truly one of a kind

@toddgrotenhuis incredibly comfortable and warm!

@canion complicated passwords and TOTP codes are indeed strong but they're also still at risk for man in the middle attacks. Conversely FIDO2/WebAuthN hooks the browser and through the magic of cryptography proves that not only is the site you're authenticating to the one you think it is, but that you are in physical possession of the token. There are of course downsides to hardware tokens - you have to have the token with you for one thing :) If you want to experiment with FIDO2 - can I suggest Akamai MFA which can use your phone as a token.

@warner 12 pro

@odd I have no idea. I was balancing on a ladder to get the shot. Didn't look that closely :)

@manton that takes me back. Used to have a set on a removable base on top of our snooker table when I was a kid. I wonder if I could do a pulley system in the garage....

@sgtstretch I had been waiting for the mantis to go on sale. They've had sales for all their other ones - finally a site wide sale!

@manton now that is community engagement. Excellent news.

@manton makes sense

@manton will you maintain a database of locations as part of that?

@cn ouch!

@jack so are us fence sitters right? "Some people will want to go back. Employers may try to force but will be unsuccessful. A hybrid will be the new normal"

@vincent pen blwydd Hapus!

@jack akamai MFA - which has the bonus that it can act as a fido2/u2f token for sites which offer that - which is much more secure than TOTP even from an app.

@Gaby I liked the movie too :)

@jpayne (except for Buffy...)

@Gaby I actually preferred the TV "remake" with Ryan Phillippe which never happens to me.

@pimoore thanks :) they've had some cute moments between all the playing!

@jthingelstad beautiful! Mines in the clear water, but coated with algae... vacuum-->cloudy money pit stage

@hollyhoneychurch thanks Holly - it was :)

@danielpunkass sorry. I just saw this but I already have an email reply :)