@Burk id move Rebecca to 5 and Nate and Coach up accordingly but otherwise the same

@colinwalker November 1st I took Halloween decorations down and started putting up Christmas ones. I need the light. Seems others in my town are also going early this year.

@macgenie I'm so sorry. I've been behind on the timeline so heard about it on @theweeklyreview - my heart ached hearing you talk about it.

@vincent it was a simple: <a rel="payment" href="(your Patreon link, or similar)"> Support this podcast</a> in the show notes.

I think it's gone from overcast now tho.

@Burk can't wait!

@Burk no hints ?

@dancohen you've just inspired some new zoom backgrounds :)

@manton thanks :) here's hoping @vincent heard it too :)

@macgenie @manton Was there exclusive news in this podcast? I don't remember hearing about one addition in particular to the API in any of the stuff I read about 2.0... :)

@manton congrats!

@Burk I'm hoping app clips takes off and can replace that for me :)

@jpayne oop. Not far at all 😂

@maique the TestFlight version supports it so it's not far out.

@pratik with Family music, arcade, 2TB of iCloud and upcoming tv+ (when my free year expires)... it's a no brainer for me :)


@odd "Welsh Brew". Gymreig is Welsh for Welsh usually seen as Cymraeg... C changes to G in a soft mutation. And if I remember correctly eig and aeg are alternate spellings but it's been a loooooooong time

@theweeklyreview My sanebox folders (and inbox) are still out of control. I tried maelstrom for the mass delete functionality and loved it. Do you have tips on moving between sanebox and maelstrom given that maelstrom will only look at the inbox?

@marco seems pretty straight forward :)

@danielpunkass as host or guest?

@martinfeld queued up. Tim tams in the title got me. Though they are poor substitutes for penguins they're still better than anything American :)

@Burk that bit is working well. Though I was surprised this morning to have my weekday face :)

@Burk I'm waiting for apps that take advantage of the new widget rules before diving in too hard. But I'm also thinking about auto face changes. Right now I have a minimal weekend face to contrast a busy weekday one. But what should my evening face be?

@Gabz love that beer. One of the only times a bartender recommendation on beer worked out for me :)

@manton I finally made a screenshot/video - even if it's because I crashed @maique's moment :)

@maique same here today.