Ranger Picks 2024

Last year, I studiously kept a spreadsheet updated with their weekly MLR predictions from 5 New England FreeJacks fans and 1 Old Glory DC fan as a self proclaimed Jacks Rangers Show super fan. After each match I’d then update the spreadsheet with the wins, recalculate results then myself and TJRS would share them to the FreeJacks fan base.

We ran an experiment in the post season for more fans to participate in these weekly predictions and had quite a few entries without too much promotion.

So for MLR 2024, I’m pleased to announce that we’re going bigger than ever. We now have a website and will be taking predictions from any MLR fan via a Google Form. The form will be refreshed each Monday in the regular season.

Set a reminder and remember to visit https://rangerpicks.micro.blog/ every Monday in the MLR regular season!