Cancer sucks. There’s no “both sides” to this. Every single one of us has been touched by cancer, either personally or someone close to us. It almost feels like it’s a daily event of someone I know (well, or not well enough) getting a new diagnosis, or thankfully remission. And the losses. Oh, the losses. 2022 really hurt - first my amazing mother in-law and then a couple of months later, my father. But childhood cancer? That hits in places I didn’t know existed, even for kids I don’t know and will never know. Cancer is the leading cause of disease related death in children. On top of ground breaking research (that they share globally) that has helped improve survival rate from 20% to 80%, on top of leading care for kids from all over the US and World - they also take as much stress off the families of their patients as possible. No families ever receive a bill from St Jude - not just for treatment, but for travel and housing as well.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I’m joining my favorite podcast network ( to raise money for St Jude. Please donate and help save a child.