A brief rest on a busy Sunday #mbfeb

This field trip back in October is one of the reasons I wanted to tip the work life balance back towards family #mbfeb

This coffee provided some warmth this cold cold morning. So did my breakfast buddies #mbfeb

Can’t wait for this dough to rise and bake. I might be (re)addicted to fresh baked bread #mbfeb

I have a permanent attachment to this little guy. I don’t remember how or when I got him but he was with me at every exam in school and university (and my driving test) and on every desk or office I called my own. My life long good luck charm. #mbfeb

Broke out the old bread machine for the first time in forever. Forgot to take a pic of the final product so this is what remains of the plain bread #mbfeb

This sign has bridged the gap for my son between “fall ball” and “spring training”. He jumps on every chance he can to be here. #mbfeb

Took advantage of the lull in activities today to clean. I still love our counter top #mbfeb

Birthday parties, Scout Blue & Gold and a Swim meets… such a contrast to pre-kid Saturdays. But I’m very happy with how it ended up :) #mbfeb

Swimmer at a meet

Norton Girl Scouts are selling at Main St pizza today. It’s like manna from above (unlike the tree branches taking out power and mail trucks) #mbfeb

While my eldest is at swim team practice, I’m going to plant myself in this dark, cozy, quiet room. This could also apply to previous #mbfeb prompts (hide and reflect come to mind)

I never noticed the “pin to home” control hiding in Marvel Unlimited’s reading lists. I think this will help me reading series as I’ve been doing it the hard way (trying to remember what series I’m reading and manually looking for “new” issues) #mbfeb

Had a lot of fun watching our scouts record a recruitment “ad spot” last night.

Is she reflecting on the day ahead of her? #mbfeb

sharing my insights on how to move an enterprise to a zerotrust access model. #mbfeb

It’s the open of the 2020 six nations 🏉. Looking forward to an exciting tournament. Cymru Am Byth!