I really should try night vision on a tripod especially when it’s so cold I can’t help but shiver #mbfeb

Fun way to kill a couple of hours on leap day. LGN Winter Carnival #mbfeb #littleschoolbigheart

Below this sign we can get delicious burgers. #DaddyMakingDinner #mbfeb

Thought I’d give marsedit a try as I’m trying to reduce friction between myself and blogging. Really impressed with how well marsedit and micro.blog work together. #mbfeb

marsedit and micro.blog

As a blink.sh and vi user, I really wish this keyboard had an escape key #mbfeb

I stumbled at today’s #mbfeb hurdle. So here’s my dinner (well, part of it)

When it gets too dark to play catch. Try by the headlights. #mbfeb prompt is double

Throw back to when I took Flat Stanley on a tour of Boston. Here he is at South Station. I do not miss that commute #mbfeb

#mbfeb prompt is spectacle. I’ve been wearing glasses for… 14 years now. Still not used to them.

Happy 11th birthday to Abby. I get so much out of watching your progress through life. Love you! #mbfeb

After almost 20 years I’m still not used to cooking with cups instead of a scale. #mbfeb

Soon this empty space will be filled with Sapporo #mbfeb

I’m opposed to thinking too hard about the #mbfeb prompt words. So here’s a selfie of my youngest and myself waiting for the older kids to finish their piano lessons

Made custard for the first time in almost 10 years(!). Waiting for it to cool to see if the kids like bananas and custard as much as I do (did?) #mbfeb

A brief rest on a busy Sunday #mbfeb

This field trip back in October is one of the reasons I wanted to tip the work life balance back towards family #mbfeb

This coffee provided some warmth this cold cold morning. So did my breakfast buddies #mbfeb

Can’t wait for this dough to rise and bake. I might be (re)addicted to fresh baked bread #mbfeb

I have a permanent attachment to this little guy. I don’t remember how or when I got him but he was with me at every exam in school and university (and my driving test) and on every desk or office I called my own. My life long good luck charm. #mbfeb

Broke out the old bread machine for the first time in forever. Forgot to take a pic of the final product so this is what remains of the plain bread #mbfeb

This sign has bridged the gap for my son between “fall ball” and “spring training”. He jumps on every chance he can to be here. #mbfeb

Took advantage of the lull in activities today to clean. I still love our counter top #mbfeb

Birthday parties, Scout Blue & Gold and a Swim meets… such a contrast to pre-kid Saturdays. But I’m very happy with how it ended up :) #mbfeb

Swimmer at a meet

Norton Girl Scouts are selling at Main St pizza today. It’s like manna from above (unlike the tree branches taking out power and mail trucks) #mbfeb

While my eldest is at swim team practice, I’m going to plant myself in this dark, cozy, quiet room. This could also apply to previous #mbfeb prompts (hide and reflect come to mind)