After several multi hour phone calls with CVS technical support, often ending up in a more broken scenario than the start of the call, can anyone blame me for procrastinating making another call? Finally got around to it today… and I can now see my prescriptions AND all 3 kids!

We had so much fun at Bananaball World Tour season 1. Tickets for Fenway in Season 2 already acquired! Will the Banana Bandit return? Time will tell!

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Happy national daughter’s day to my crazy, funny, hard working, smart, gymnastics loving, volleyball playing, rugby tolerating loving daughters!

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Cancer sucks. There’s no “both sides” to this. Every single one of us has been touched by cancer, either personally or someone close to us. It almost feels like it’s a daily event of someone I know (well, or not well enough) getting a new diagnosis, or thankfully remission. And the losses. Oh, the losses. 2022 really hurt - first my amazing mother in-law and then a couple of months later, my father. But childhood cancer? That hits in places I didn’t know existed, even for kids I don’t know and will never know. Cancer is the leading cause of disease related death in children. On top of ground breaking research (that they share globally) that has helped improve survival rate from 20% to 80%, on top of leading care for kids from all over the US and World - they also take as much stress off the families of their patients as possible. No families ever receive a bill from St Jude - not just for treatment, but for travel and housing as well.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I’m joining my favorite podcast network ( to raise money for St Jude. Please donate and help save a child.

Please help me get over the fact that Abi is in high school already by supporting her volleyball team and get some delicious cookie dough…

Abi in volleyball jersay #14


Busy day yesterday. Beach volleyball group lessons for Abi and Arianna… then Free Jacks final regular season home match - Arianna loves leading cheers from the stands and joining in with the try celebration #Huzzah and the kids got on the jumbotron! Then summer league volleyball for Abi. At some point we ate, but I’m not sure when or what!IMG 1899IMG 1904IMG 1914

A quick allergy check pre-filter shortcut. Shamelessly stolen from Ross Wintle. Uses iPhone camera and text extraction to look for scary words in the photo (so take a picture of the ingredients and cross contamination warnings)

Stealing from my wife’s FB post rather than typing this all. What a night!

We can’t wait for March 11th! Would not be disappointed by either another “snow bowl”, or if it was slightly warmer this year… #letsride #fillthefort

For the last 6ish years we have celebrated New Year’s Day as a “yes day”. This year we started with breakfast at the kids fav place.

Then bowling…

Followed by roller blading after a pit stop at home to walk the dogs and grab lunch….

With a visit to Dave & Buster’s. The day is finishing at home with an appetizer dinner, Avatar, Lego and ice cream. Phew!!!

I haven’t posted about it… partly because honestly I’m still processing it. But on July 9th my dad lost his battle with cancer. The funeral is at the Wenallt Chapel in Thornhill Crematorium at 2pm on Aug 5th. After raising myself and Lyndon, and being the sole carer for mum for many years, he’s finally able to rest. Donations to Velindre Cancer Center

Busy weekend for ⚾️ for Alex - the boys played hard and although they didn’t make it through pool play for the play offs, they ended the season on a win in 90+F heat! Then a Free Jacks 🏉 game with my father in-law - #togetherweride for the win! #greatweekend

RSVP’d for the next Free Jacks home game. This time I’ll have company - excited that my Father In-Law has joined the Founding Members!

Had an amazing time at the Worcester Red Sox (WooSox) last night with Alex. Looking forward to going back many more times. IMG 3697 IMG 3701IMG 3719

I hate to jinx it. But it’s been a whole week that the kids have charged their own phones over night. A whole week without either waking up to a dead battery or me spotting it as I go to bed. A whole week!

I’m proud to say I didn’t need this sign this weekend but it’s always useful to have a reminder. Especially when the losses are heartbreakers.

An ice cream truck. In our driveway? Must be someone’s 7th birthday today! Happy birthday Aria

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Back of house

Oh. Hi there.

Zoomed in on window to see a dog leaning over a sofa to watch the action outside

Tonight’s kid meal… lazy camp lasagna from our resident scout, Alex. Thanks to the Sparks for loaning us some camp cook equipment!

Following her sister’s lead in making dinner earlier this week. Last night Arianna made rainbow pancakes for dinner.

It’s Patriots day which means the scouts are delivering flags.

A scout is helpful

Tonight Abby made a delicious dinner of Caesar salad with homemade dressing, pasta with home made meat sauce, sparkling lemonade and meringues (which took longer than planned so will wait until tomorrow) #luckydad

Wicked proud of this kid