Busy weekend for ⚾️ for Alex - the boys played hard and although they didn’t make it through pool play for the play offs, they ended the season on a win in 90+F heat! Then a Free Jacks 🏉 game with my father in-law - #togetherweride for the win! #greatweekend

RSVP’d for the next Free Jacks home game. This time I’ll have company - excited that my Father In-Law has joined the Founding Members!

Had an amazing time at the Worcester Red Sox (WooSox) last night with Alex. Looking forward to going back many more times. IMG 3697 IMG 3701IMG 3719

I hate to jinx it. But it’s been a whole week that the kids have charged their own phones over night. A whole week without either waking up to a dead battery or me spotting it as I go to bed. A whole week!

I’m proud to say I didn’t need this sign this weekend but it’s always useful to have a reminder. Especially when the losses are heartbreakers.

An ice cream truck. In our driveway? Must be someone’s 7th birthday today! Happy birthday Aria

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Back of house

Oh. Hi there.

Zoomed in on window to see a dog leaning over a sofa to watch the action outside

Tonight’s kid meal… lazy camp lasagna from our resident scout, Alex. Thanks to the Sparks for loaning us some camp cook equipment!

Following her sister’s lead in making dinner earlier this week. Last night Arianna made rainbow pancakes for dinner.

It’s Patriots day which means the scouts are delivering flags.

A scout is helpful

Tonight Abby made a delicious dinner of Caesar salad with homemade dressing, pasta with home made meat sauce, sparkling lemonade and meringues (which took longer than planned so will wait until tomorrow) #luckydad

Wicked proud of this kid

Great start for the south shore Rox. Now #readytoride @NEFreeJacks

Looking forward to a great season of ⚾️ with these 3 friends.

Today is a sports day. First up - opening day for South Shore Rox ⚾️ then this afternoon #ReadyToRide with the Free Jacks 🏉

5 years passed in the blink of an eye. My cub is now a scout and I could not be any more proud. Thanks for letting me part of the journey. Onward to Eagle! #wickedawesomescouts #axolotlpatrol 

Alex is selling popcorn for his cub scout pack. Yummy stuff with free delivery for online orders cough cough

In April 2019 Alex decided he wanted to grow his hair long “to see how it feels”. In July 2020 he decided he’s ready for his “once a year” haircut, so once again my wonderful wife stepped up. His hair was long enough to donate!

before haircutafter haircut

Fall Ball: ⚾️ Norton Black. Finished on a high with 2 great wins. 6-3-1

Exciting times. OIT didn’t work for my son (it triggered EOE) but I’ve seen so many success stories from the OIT community. It’s not only peanut like this headline suggests - tree nuts, milk, etc are all in trials. FDA Committee Recommends Approval For New Peanut Allergy Treatment

When you have to cancel a pool party because of a sick kid… but you need to cook all the food anyway. 🍻 🍽

Providence Bruins And Norton Schools

Flat Stanley Visits Norton MA


Grocery shopping on Super Bowl Sunday.

Not recommended - very very very busy!

Many (American) football themed displays, especially because the local team (New England Patriots) are one of the teams playing in the Super Bowl (season ending championship game).

Stanley can’t believe Americans keep their eggs in the fridge!

After a long trip, Stanley watched some of the game before going to bed. Go Pats!


Today, Stanley went to work with Uncle John. Boston has double decker trains and single decker buses!

From the train station they walked through Boston common (where you can see the Soldiers and Sailors monument and the gold top of the state house) to the public gardens where Mr and Mrs Mallard of “Make Way for Ducklings” made their home.

The duck pond is frozen over so there are no swan boats to feed the ducklings, but they don’t look all that hungry.

The area around the Longfellow bridge has changed a lot since Mr and Mrs Mallard flew over it, but the bridge is still very familiar!


The city of Boston gave the New England Patriots a parade to celebrate their super bowl win. Unfortunately for Uncle John’s commute, this brought in many many many more people than usual on the trains! See if you can find which picture was from the train station on parade day and which was from today!

After taking a few days rest, Stanley is back on the road with Uncle John. We walked past the New England Aquarium.. you can also go out on a boat to watch for whales in the Massachusetts bay! It’s too cold today, but maybe next time Dylan visits we can all go? Across the road is the Rose Kennedy Greenway. When Uncle John first moved here, this was a highway (like a motorway). They moved that underground and put a park on top. It’s much nicer now!

Americans love their flags. Some days it seems every time you turn around there’s a flag flying. This one is right outside the train station in Mansfield.

Boston is full of history. There are monuments hidden away everywhere. In Liberty Square there’s a monument dedicated to the Hungarian revolution (though the square itself is named after the French Revolution).

Throughout Boston there’s a red line made of bricks or sometimes painted. This is the freedom trail and it goes past historic places like the Massachusetts state house and the granary burial ground where several really famous historical people are buried (for example: Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin’s parents…). It also runs past Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. The statue out front is Samuel Adams. Across the street is Boston City Hall… which doesn’t look very pretty!

Pop Warner Banquet

A fun time at Norton Pop Warner banquet. Pat Patriot showing up blew the kids minds!
#morethanagame #nortonpopwarner