Please help me get over the fact that Abi is in high school already by supporting her volleyball team and get some delicious cookie dough…

Abi in volleyball jersay #14


Busy day yesterday. Beach volleyball group lessons for Abi and Arianna… then Free Jacks final regular season home match - Arianna loves leading cheers from the stands and joining in with the try celebration #Huzzah and the kids got on the jumbotron! Then summer league volleyball for Abi. At some point we ate, but I’m not sure when or what!IMG 1899IMG 1904IMG 1914

📺 Time to watch a docuseries on the New England FreeJacks

We can’t wait for March 11th! Would not be disappointed by either another “snow bowl”, or if it was slightly warmer this year… #letsride #fillthefort

RSVP’d for the next Free Jacks home game. This time I’ll have company - excited that my Father In-Law has joined the Founding Members!

Had an amazing time at the Worcester Red Sox (WooSox) last night with Alex. Looking forward to going back many more times. IMG 3697 IMG 3701IMG 3719

I’m proud to say I didn’t need this sign this weekend but it’s always useful to have a reminder. Especially when the losses are heartbreakers.

Just RSVP’d for the next @NEFreeJacks game. Let’s go!

Looks like this will be a messy 🏉 game. Let’s go Free Jacks #LetsRide

Great start for the south shore Rox. Now #readytoride @NEFreeJacks

Looking forward to a great season of ⚾️ with these 3 friends.

Today is a sports day. First up - opening day for South Shore Rox ⚾️ then this afternoon #ReadyToRide with the Free Jacks 🏉

Just RSVP’d for the Free Jacks home opener. It’s so close!! 🏉

Interesting new MLR 🏉 laws. I’m skeptical about 2 of these (under the post and red card) but excited to see how it shakes out.